Sold out!

Sold out!

Complete Turtle collection


Exclusive and limited collection pieces.

Collection of 12 pieces of turtle  from around the world.

Lonesome George / Aldabrachelys gigantea / Aldabrachelys gigantea “adult” / Astrochelys radiata “black” / Astrochelys radiata “normal” / Astrochelys radiata “yellow” / Astrochelys yniphora / Astrochelys yniphora “up head” / Centrochelys sulcata / Chelonoidis abingdonii / Cuora flavomarginata / Geochelone elegans


Exclusive and limited collection pieces.

Collection of 12 pieces of turtles  from around the world.

They include the following species:

  1. Lonesome George
  2. Aldabrachelys gigantea
  3. Aldabrachelys gigantea “adult”
  4. Astrochelys radiata “black”
  5. Astrochelys radiata “normal”
  6. Astrochelys radiata “yellow”
  7. Astrochelys yniphora
  8. Astrochelys yniphora “up head”
  9. Centrochelys sulcata
  10. Chelonoidis abingdonii
  11. Cuora flavomarginata
  12. Geochelone elegans
  • This product is handmade.
  • Diameter 7cm, Height 10/15cm Approx

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm
Mini turtle realism collection

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